The Bully

It’s a noun and a verb. A powerful word.

I know bullies aren’t born. They are created, molded by another bully. There are exceptions but those are extreme and usually come in the form of sociopathy.

This is not a bully. He’s just a tough son-of-a-gun who fell, bloodied his nose then posed for his father. It helped him forget about the bloody nose.

Both my kids have been picked on. I learned that it’s way easier to tell my son to fight back than it is to tell my daughter to systematically ignore her entire peer group back; I didn’t know girls could be so vicious to each other.  Adult bullies are a totally different animal.

An adult bully, most likely terrified of adulthood, makes everyone miserable. If this person is in your life, I suggest standing up to him/her or moving on. It’s scary though,  especially if this person, this bully, holds a superior role to you in the workplace.  In this case, they are threatening your livelihood, your potential to put food on the table.  The consequence to fighting back or moving on is much greater than detention, suspension or expulsion from school. Tread lightly, but tread all the same because it will only get worse. Trust me. I finally just quit and moved to Mexico, married the coolest lady on the planet and have two amazing kids. I beat the bully because I moved on. I’m an adult — at least most of the time.

The bully is a villain, an archetype of a villain, a social construct of alpha v. beta. The opposite is the ear-beating victim that complains constantly and does nothing. Don’t be that person either. You get one shot at this ride, as far as I know, so make it a good one.

2 thoughts on “The Bully

  1. Well said. It gets reinforced as an acceptable way of operating in so many ways. It takes courage not only to stand up for yourself but also to intervene if you see bullying of someone else. It’s not acceptable. Not even close.


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