It’s frightful.

                                       Photo: Courtesy of MoMA ‘s rain room in New York, 2013.

We are deep into winter, suffering rains will seemingly never stop; it’s a monotonous element, beating down, looking for a way in. Snow and ice are always threatening to follow, to shut down the city — again.

Mid-February is about the time when I start getting kooky. Everything is wet. The rain in Portland rain isn’t an aberration, a result of climate change. It just rains a lot here. It’s a cold rain, too. Thick, almost chunky. Every year I plan for it, or try to, but it creeps up on me. I get blue, cramped up, grumpy, tired for no good reason. It’s constantly dark, cold and wet. My bones hurt. All my old injuries lock up, or swell up, do what they do to annoy me and remind me that I’m aging.

In this weather, I buckle down, work, but my head is in the dark clouds and it takes effort to keep positive. The kids can’t go out, they are stuck inside, crazy and full of pent-up energy. The dog doesn’t even want to go outside. But we live in the rain, we go out, get wet, smile and force life to work for us. But in the heart of winter, it’s easier said than done.

Don’t let the damned weather get you down. Get out there, be in it. Hunker down. It’s an excuse to do nothing.  Whatever your tactics, I hope you are hanging in there.

8 thoughts on “Weather

  1. Same here, it’s always during the winter like “I can do it, I can do it”, but February always seems too wet, too cold, too long. But I can do it.

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    1. HI. thank you so much. This means a lot to me, especially as an new blogger. May I ask some questions? I’ve read through the rules, and I think I get it. Do I post as a blog? Do I post the image of versatile blogger on my blog? When I jump up and down for joy do I have to wear shoes? thank you again.

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  2. I’m cold just reading this post. As it turns out it’s a cold, rainy day here. We don’t get them often, so I love it. Am really enjoying your blog. You choose your words so well, each one packing a punch. Keep it up. You rock!

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