It sneaks up on you.rendered

As a writer, being alone at a desk and putting words on a page is what must happen. I can’t be in meetings, having a conversation or multitasking when I write. The world I write about is in my head. Alone. Weird but true.

renderedWhen I’m on day five of not going outside, not shaving, wearing the same sweat pants and I stink, I need to get out. No big deal. I shower, shave, put new clothes on and walk the dog, go to a coffee shop or just stand outside for a while. I’m still alone, but I look better. If I look better, I feel better. What I’m missing in these moments is someone to tell me to get my shit together, get outside and talk to an adult. It’s a positive feedback loop that involves another person. This person is usually my wife, but sometimes she just shakes her head and is thankful the kids are fed.

When I don’t have solitude, I crave it. When I have too much, I force myself to interact. There’s a balance and I’m still trying to find it.

11 thoughts on “Solitude

  1. A writer’s life is in the shadows for sure. My husband works at home so there is never a complete alone moment. If I lived near you, we could meet up for coffee and sit quietly alone together. 😬


  2. This week, I have furiously written each day amid piles of my own laundry, multiple coffee cups on my desk, and even when my office was 85-90 degrees. I sometimes set a timer to make myself stand up and walk around but didn’t this week. When I do pull myself away, I feel like I’m looking at my family through a window. It takes an hour or so before I can hear them again.

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