The Adult Bully

Authority makes this villain dangerous.shutterstock_515170831

shutterstock_632121335You know who I’m talking about. There is one in everybody’s life. For the most part, these people were bullied as kids. They are angry, sad people.  So, in part I feel bad for them — but that’s as far as it goes. I waste no calories with concern for their wellbeing.

Hating this person, attacking this person or trying to help this person is more than a waste of time, it will hurt you, take time from your precious day. This person is an emotional vampire who wants nothing more than to rule the roost. They make everyone who they interact with miserable and afraid.

f334bd67d6762f55955703d2f0a2a112They abuse authority, contribute nothing of importance to society and create struggle for everyone else. Life is already full of struggle, so the adult bully can go extinct for all I care. Which I think can happen. With the access to information we have now, I think that people will evolve out of being like this. Regardless, these are fools we must suffer sometimes. It’s an unfortunate fact of life. There are just awful people in the world. Maybe they just need a hug — I probably won’t be the one to give it to them.

Some insight on how to deal.

4 thoughts on “The Adult Bully

  1. Hear hear! I have a friend who posted on FB about this very thing yesterday! The places I see the most adult bullies are (unfortunately) at my children’s sporting events! And they’re usually bullying their own kids! Ok – coming down off my soap box now. 😉

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  2. Insightful piece dealing with a timely issue. There seems to be a societal environment right now that encourages this behavior. The low end of humanity is being “legitimized and normalized”.
    It’s tricky at best to deal with these individuals. They say “hurt people hurt”. Meaning they inflict their hurt on others.
    I try and give these people a wide berth. When that’s impossible I try to stay very grounded and stay very Present.
    I don’t give my Power away. That’s what they feed on.
    Easier said than done.
    Thanks for such a thought provoking peice. Excellent 🙏

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